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This page details the method for using ArcMap to set an active model area.


  • Add the 2d_code_empty_R.shp template file from the TUFLOW\model\gis\empty folder. In the Layers Table of Contents right click on this layer and select Data >> Export Data. Save this shape layer as 2d_code_M01_002_R.SHP in the TUFLOW\Model\gis\ folder.
  • Export Data as 2d_code_M01_002_R.SHP
  • When prompted to add the exported data to the map select Yes
  • Tute M01 2d code 2.png
  • Close the empty file, by right clicking on it in the table of contents as selecting Remove
  • Open the Boundary_region.shp file from the Module_Data\Module_01\Arc\.
  • In the Editor toolbar, select Start Editing for the Editor drop down menu
  • Select the source to edit the 2d_code_M01_002_R
  • Tute M01 Arc Code 03.png
  • Ensure the Editor Tool is selected. Select the polygon in the Boundary_Region layer and copy and paste this into the editable 2d_code_M01_002_R. This can be done using the right click menus or Control + C and Control + V.
  • Right click on the polygon and select attributes. Set the "Code" attribute to 1. This will set the TUFLOW model to be active within this area.
  • Tute M01 2d code 4.png
  • In the Editor toolbar, select Stop Editing for the Editor drop down menu. When prompted select "Save Edits".
  • Tute M01 Arc Save Edits.png


    ArcMap has been used to create a 2d_code layer which sets the code value for cells inside the boundary polygon to active (code = 1). Please return to the tutorial model module 1 page here.