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This page details the method for using ArcMap to set an active model area. This page uses the ArcTUFLOW toolbox. Please see Active Areas Arc (old) if not using the toolbox. For more information on the toolbox, please see ArcTUFLOW toolbox.


When working with GIS layers for TUFLOW we will typically work from the template (empty) GIS files created in the previous step. These files have the correct data attributes for TUFLOW and projection for the project. In order to use a template layer, we will make a copy of the template (from the TUFLOW\model\gis\empty\ folder and move the file into the TUFLOW\model\gis\ folder. The easiest way to do this is to use the ArcTUFLOW toolbox Import Empty (template) TUFLOW files.

  1. Load the TUFLOW ArcGIS Toolbox.
  2. Configure TUFLOW ArcGIS Toolbox the for the project.
  3. Open the Import Empty (template) TUFLOW files tool from the toolbox.
    Tute M01 ArcTUFLOW Import Empty.jpg
  4. At the dialogue, set the following:
    • Tick the Polygons check box. The active area will be defined by a polygon (not points or lines).
    • In the empty shapefile section, select the 2d_code layer.
    • Set the prefix (Run ID) to M01_002. When the new file is created, this will be included in the filename.
    • The Empty TUFLOW folder section should already be filled out. If this is not the case the TUFLOW project needs to be configured.
    Tute M01 ArcTUFLOW Code01.jpg
  5. Once the tool has been run, the new file should be created and available in the layer control.
    Tute M01 ArcTUFLOW Code02.jpg
  6. Open the Boundary_region.shp file from the Module_Data\Module_01\Arc\.
  7. In the Editor toolbar, select Start Editing for the Editor drop down menu
  8. Select the source to edit the 2d_code_M01_002_R
    Tute M01 Arc Code 03.png
  9. Ensure the Editor Tool is selected.
    Tute M01 ArcTUFLOW Code04.jpg
  10. Select the polygon in the Boundary_Region layer and copy and paste this into the editable 2d_code_M01_002_R. This can be done using the right click menus or Control + C and Control + V. When prompted, choose the 2d_code_M01_002_R as the target layer.
    Tute M01 ArcTUFLOW Code05.jpg
  11. Right click on the polygon and select attributes. Set the "Code" attribute to 1. This will set the TUFLOW model to be active within this area.
    Tute M01 ArcTUFLOW Code06.jpg
  12. In the Editor toolbar, select Stop Editing from the Editor drop down menu. When prompted select "Save Edits".
    Tute M01 Arc Save Edits.png
  13. Enter the following line of text into the TGC file after the Set Code == 0 command and save the TGC file.
    Read GIS Code == ..\model\gis\2d_code_M01_002_R.SHP


ArcMap has been used to create a 2d_code layer which sets the code value for cells inside the boundary polygon to active (code = 1). Please return to the tutorial model module 1 page here.