Tute M06 QGIS Road Crest

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In the following steps we will be adjusting the elevations of the road crest as part of the road upgrade.


  1. Copy the contents of the Module_Data\Module_06\2D_Road_Crest folder into the TUFLOW\model\gis folder. This contains the 2d_zsh_M06_Rd_Crest_001_L layer used to amend the road crest elevation.
  2. Open the newly saved layer 2d_zsh_M06_Rd_Crest_001_L in QGIS. This layer contains a single polyline which we will use to overwrite the road crest elevations previously defined in Module 3. Populate the line with the following:
    Attribute Value
    Z 42.75
    dz 0
    Shape_Width_or_dMax 15
    Shape_Options MAX
    X 0
    Y 0

    The values entered will define a road crest with a constant 42.75m elevation with a width of 15m. The MAX option ensures that zpt elevations are only altered if the current zpt elevations (defined by any prior commands within the tgc file) are lower than 42.75m.

  3. Toggle Editing and save your changes when prompted. The 2D zsh defining the road crest is now ready for TUFLOW.
  4. A 2D zsh layer has been used to define the road crest elevation. Please return to the main page of module 6.