Tute SMS M01 2.5m

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  1. Duplicate the TUFLOW Grid Map dataset. Rename the new dataset "TUFLOW grid 2.5m"
    SMS Tute1 Fine 01.png
  2. Select Feature Objects >> Map -> 2D Grid. This will bring up the Map >> 2D Grid dialog. Set the Cell size to 2.5m and elevation data source to "Scatter set".
    SMS Tute1 Fine 02.png
  3. The new Cartesian grid should now display with the 2.5m cells. Rename the grid "2.5m"
    SMS Tute1 Fine 03.png
  4. Create a new TUFLOW 2D Geometry Component. Name it "2.5m geo"
    SMS Tute1 Fine 04.png
  5. Drag the 2.5m geo, BC and Materials datasets into the "2.5m geo" 2D Geometry Component.
  6. Duplicate the simulation M01_5m_002 and rename the duplicate, M01_2p5m_003. Associate the "2.5m geo" 2D Geometry Component with simulation M01_2p5m_003.
    SMS Tute1 Fine 05.png
  7. Use the 2D Model Controls to update the model timestep for the 2.5m resolution model. Set the timestep value to 0.5s.
    SMS Tute1 Fine 06.png
  8. Right click the M01_2p5m_003 simulation in the SMS interface and click "Save the Project, Export and Launch TUFLOW".

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