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TULFOW HPC and its GPU module was included in the 2017 release of TUFLOW (2017-09-AA and later). The TUFLOW SMS interface currently (Version 12.2) does not include the required user options to selected and run a HPC simulation. An updated version of SMS is due for release in mid 2018 with the required option, until then this tutorial will demonstrate how to use call HPC and it's GPU module via a manual work-around.

  1. Duplicate the simulation M01_2p5m_003. Rename the duplicate M01_2p5m_004.
    SMS Tute1 Fine 07.png
  2. Open the TUFLOW 2D Model Controls for the new simulation. Select the "Read external file".
    SMS Tute1 HPC 08.png
  3. Select the trd file included in the Module01 dataset: Module_Data\Module01\HPC_and_GPU_Hardware.trd. This text file contains the two TUFLOW commands required to call the HPC solver and GPU hardware.
    SMS Tute1 HPC 09.png
  4. Select the Single Precision 64-Bit executable.
    SMS Tute1 HPC 10.png
  5. SMS Version 12.2 does not include the 2017 release version of TUFLOW in its installation. Download the latest TUFLOW release from the website: https://www.tuflow.com/Downloads.aspx Save a copy of the files to the SMS Program directory: C:\Program Files\SMS 12.2 64-bit\models\TUFLOW
    SMS Tute1 HPC 11.png
  6. Right click the M01_2p5m_004 simulation in the SMS interface and click "Save the Project, Export and Launch TUFLOW".

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