Tutorial Troubleshoot 2014

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ERROR Message

ERROR 2014 - No active cells within SA inflow polygon.


This error message indicates that there are no active cells within the SA (source-area) inflow. This can occur if the cells in the desired model area have not correctly set to active, or if a polygon in the 2d_SA boundary has been digitised outside the active area.


Open the GIS messages from the TUFLOW\Runs\log\ folder. If using MapInfo the messages layer is called: M01_5m_002_messages.mif, for other GIS platforms this will be called M01_5m_002_messages_P.shp. This will point to the location of the issue. If the error message occurs within the 2d_code_M01_002 layer, ensure that the attribute for the 2d_code polygon is set to 1 (active) rather than 0 (inactive). The active cells are exported as part of the check files. However, this can also be specified in the Geometry Control File (.tgc). To export the active cells out the "Write GIS Grid" command can be used. An example is:
Set Code == 0  ! Set all cells to inactive (ie. Code 0)
Read GIS Code == ..\model\mi\2d_code_M01_002.MIF  ! Set cell codes according to polygon 2d_code attributes
Write GIS Grid == ..\check\tmp_grd.mif  ! Write out active grid cells to specified file.

Additional Information

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