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This page contains a brief introduction to the Wibu dongles and Wibu software licences.


Installing CodeMeter RunTime Kit

The first step in using the Wibu licence is to install the CodeMeter Runtime Kit. This needs to be installed for any computers that will be running TUFLOW as well as for the network licence server.
The latest version of CodeMeter can be downloaded from CodeMeter site:

Once installed the configuration depends on if the TUFLOW licence is a local, network or software licence.

  • If this is the first time the licence has been used, or your existing licence has expired. You will need to update your licence file. Please progress to the Request a licence update section
  • If there is already an active licence associated with the dongle:

Silent Install

It is possible to do a silent install of the CodeMeter Runtime kit. CodeMeter support staff have advised that this can be done with the following parameters:
CodeMeterRuntime.exe /ComponentArgs "*":"/qn"

Installing CodeMeter RunTime Kit for Linux

If you are installing on a Linux computer from the command line, refer to:

Configuring Network Server

If the TUFLOW licence is a network licence, the computer hosting the dongle will need to be configured as a TUFLOW server. This is required even if the simulations are to be performed on the server. Instructions for configuring the network licence are detailed in the following page:

Configuring Access to Network Licence

To access TUFLOW licences on a remote network server, the CodeMeter runtime kit needs to be installed on the client machine. Once installed, CodeMeter needs to be configured to use the network licence. Instructions for configuring the network licence are detailed in the following page:


There are a number of reasons that the Wibu licence may need to be updated, for example:

  • To add additional modules
  • To update to new support year
  • To add rental licences

For each change to the dongle, it will be necessary to provide a licence update request file to the TUFLOW staff.
The procedure is the same for local and network licences, the request will need to be generated from the computer which has the dongle plugged in.

Request a licence update

The instructions for creating a licence request differ slightly depending whether the dongle has not previously been coded for TUFLOW simulations or if the dongle has not been provided by BMT.
Hardware Licence (USB)

Software Licence (File)

After creating the licence update request, please email the created file (.WibuCmRaC) to sales@tuflow.com.

Import a licence update

Once a licence update has been created, an update file will be provide to you via email. This update file will have the extension .WibuCmRaU. The same method is used for network, local and software licences.

When an update is applied, this modifies the content of the dongle, it does not need to be applied on each computer that will be used for TUFLOW modelling!


Dongle Not Working Correctly

If the drivers have been installed, the colour of the CodeMeter icon in the taskbar indicates if a dongle is being detected correctly.
CM CM Stick Grey.jpg --- Grey, No CM stick detected.
CM CM Stick Green.jpg --- Green, CM stick detected.

A range of other colors are also available but not frequently used:
CM CM Stick Yellow.jpg --- Yellow, CM stick enabled until unplugged (password protected).
CM CM Stick Red.jpg --- Red, CM stick disabled (password protected).
CM CM Stick Blue.jpg --- Blue, Multiple CM sticks.

If the CodeMeter icon remains grey (not detected) when the dongle is inserted, please follow the steps below:

If the dongle is correctly detected (the icon changes colour to green), but you are unable to run a TUFLOW simulation, please follow the steps below:

If you are having trouble accessing a network dongle from a remote computer, please follow the steps below:



When the CodeMeter runtime kit is installed a diagnostics utility call cmDust is also installed. Instructions for creating a diagnostics file:

Enabling Logging

Codemeter allows you to write extended log files to you local drive. To setup these features:

Enabling Network Server License Monitoring

Codemeter allows you to conduct real-time licence network monitoring. To setup these features: