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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2007 - No NULL cell found adjacent to boundary condition at

Alternate Message

Message Type

A null cell does not exist on one side of the boundary cell. The tcf command Null Cell Checks == OFF or ON controls whether this check is made or not.

This check ensure null cells occur on one side of an external boundary. A TUFLOW simulation prior to Build 2001-08-AE will not proceed unless a null cell occurs on one side of an external boundary cell (this was used to indicate the inactive side of the boundary line). Setting this to OFF (the default) allows ESTRY models to be inserted through the 2D domain with no need to specify null cells (eg. a 1D creek flowing through a 2D floodplain). It also allows land cells, instead of null cells, to be specified against a boundary on the inactive side.

Check boundary configuration. If using this check ensure null cells occur on one side of boundary. Turn it off using Null Cell Checks == OFF, which is the current default.

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