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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2217 - Could not find enough 2D cells to spread 1D node connection over.

Alternate Message

Message Type

TUFLOW automatically connects node objects (with a 2D connection specified in the Conn_2D attribute of the 1d_nwk) to 2D cells using a on-grade or sag approach. TUFLOW has been unable to find enough active cells to connect node to. For more details on connecting 1D nodes to 2D domain see Section of 2010 TUFLOW manual.

Review node location, active 2D cells and number of cells TUFLOW is connecting to. The number of cells automatically connects to can be controlled with the Conn_No attribute in the 1d_nwk layer. Alternatively a SX boundary can be manually specified in a 2d_bc layer, this gives the user control over the cells connected to the node.

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