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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2314 - Soil ID must be greater than 0 or less than 32767. Soil ID = 0.

Alternate Message
ERROR 2314 - Could not find end of points data flag ""</Pnts>"" in XML file (Note- As of TUFLOW 2016 this error message is now Error 2514 - Could not find end of points data flag ""</Pnts>"" in XML file.).

Message Type

A 2D cell has been assigned a soil ID (integer) of less than one (1) or greater than 32,767. Soil IDs must be within this range. The most common reason for this is using a Soil ID value that hasn't been specified, in this case the MapInfo default integer of zero (0) is applied.

Carry out a check to ensure a Soil ID greater than 0 has been assigned to all objects within any 2d_soil layers. Alternatively, use the Set Soil command prior to any Read GIS Soil or Read GRID Soil commands in the tgc file to ensure all cells in the 2D domain have been assigned a soil type.

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