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TUFLOW Message
WARNING 2365 - Exceeded top of HQ curve.

Alternate Message

Message Type

Water level at HQ boundary has exceeded the top of the defined stage (H) vs flow (Q) relationship. The HQ boundary automatically creates an stage-discharge relationship to the highest elevation encountered along the boundary.
HQ Wiki-01.jpg

If a stage-discharge relationship has been defined consider extending this relationship for higher water levels. If a stage-discharge relationship is calculated by TUFLOW by defining a water surface slope, the automatic HQ relationship extends to the highest elevation along the HQ line (the HQ relationship calculated by TUFLOW is outputted to the _2d_bc_tables.csv file).

To extend the level that the HQ relationship is calculated for an automatic HQ boundary there are two options:

  • Extend the HQ line to higher grounds.
    HQ Wiki-02.jpg
  • The 2d_bc “d” attribute can be used to set the maximum depth of the automatically generated HQ curve (note d is a depth, not an elevation). This option assumes glass walls at the edges of the HQ line, e.g. there is no additional flow area to the sides, it does not take into account the increase in floodplain storage as the water surface level goes up. This might artificially inflate water surface levels immediately downstream and understate the flood extent.
    HQ Wiki-03.jpg

For both suggestions, HQ curve would be automatically extended:

    2365 HQ curve.png

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