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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2785 - No GPU devices found, enabled or compatible.

Alternate Message

Message Type

This message appears when a GPU problem is set up, but no appropriate GPU exists in the computer.

TUFLOW requires an NVIDIA CUDA enabled GPU. A list of CUDA enabled GPUs can be found at http://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-gpus

See section 10.3.1 of the TUFLOW manual for details regarding compatible graphics cards.

If a CUDA compatible device is present in the computer, but not detected please check the following:

  • The monitor is plugged into the GPU, if this is plugged into the motherboard (onboard graphics), the GPU device may be disabled.
  • You have the latest nVidia drivers installed. See note below.
  • PhysX is disabled or set to CPU.
  • If you are using remote desktop software, this can cause issues with graphics devices - try running from the computer directly, not via a remote desktop.

Note on drivers: The original drivers which ship with many workplace modelling PCs can be years out of date, and may not work with the current version of TUFLOW. NVIDIA updates drivers regularly. Both consumer grade GeForce drivers and enterprise grade Quadro drivers are generally updated monthly.

Unless a particular driver has been listed on the TUFLOW forums as being problematic, it is generally advisable to install the latest stable WHQL release (non-beta) driver released for your graphics card. Be careful to select your card model carefully on the nVidia driver download page to be certain you are downloading a driver relevant to your card.

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