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This GIS check file layer contains more information on the location and type of 1D/2D boundary links. Please refer to the TUFLOW documentation and the tutorial model (module 11) for more information on the 1D 2D linking method.
Attributes of 1d_to_2d_check

Attribute Name Attribute Description
Lowest_ZC_2D The lowest "ZC" (cell centre) elevation along the link.
Z_Bed_1D The bed level of the 1D.
Primary_Node The node ID of the primary 1D node.
Secondary_Node The node ID of the secondary 1D node (if used), set to "N/A" if not used.
Weight_to_P_Node The weighting to the primary node.
Weight_to_S_Node The weighting to the secondary node.
Type_2D_Link The type of boundary link applied to the 2D cell.
Type_1D_Link The type of boundary link applied to the 1D nodes.
Flags The boundary flags that have been specified (if any)
Domain_Name The name of the 2D domain the connection applies to. If a single 2D domain is used, this is "Domain_001"
fxob The oblique boundary x factor.
fyob The oblique boundary y factor.
ZC_max The maximum ZC along the link.
Use_Sec_Node Logical (True or False) indicating whether of not the secondary 1D node is used. For an SX connection only a single 1D node is used, for a HX connection, the connection may use the secondary node.

In the image below the _1d_to_2d check file is shown and the layer has been styled by the Type_2D_Link attribute.

Check Files 1d to 2d 01.jpg