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This .csv file contains the tabular data for the 2D boundaries. For the 1D tabular boundary data please see 1d_ta_tables_check.csv.

This file contains the boundaries after any modifications in the bc_dbase are applied. In the boundary database below, the first three boundaries have a multiplier of 1.2 (20% increase in flows), the fourth boundary ("tide") has an add value of 0.91m in column G, which is added to all values in the water level boundary. For example, this can be used to setup a climate change sensitivity simulation. The _2d_bc_tables contains the final boundary data used in the model.

Check Files bc dbase example01.JPG
Note: the boundary values do not include the effects of any 2d_bc attributes such as f. Whilst still supported, this functionality has largely been superseded by the modifications in bc_dbase as described above and this is the preferred method for manipulating the boundary data.

If using a automatically generated HQ boundary this calculated level-flow relationship is output into this check file. This can be plotted as per the below:

Check Files 2d bc tables.JPG

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