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This page describes the tips and tools for setting up and reviewing TUFLOW models. If you have any suggestions to be included in these pages, please add them to the discussion page. Please add Excel Suggestions Here!.

General Tips

Adding an Add-in

    To add the Excel TUFLOW Tools to your Excel. Follow the process outlined below, which should work for both Excel 2007 and Excel 2010:
  1. Download the TUFLOW Tools Excel Add-in (TUFLOW_Tools_v2.0.xlam) this is available from the downloads section of the TUFLOW website.
  2. Go to the File tab and select Options.
  3. Excel Add Addin Step1.png
  4. Navigate to the Add-Ins section. In the Manage Section, select Excel Add-Ins from the drop-box and then hit the Go... button.
  5. Excel Add Addin Step2.png
  6. In the Add-Ins dialogue, select Browse... and navigate to the "TUFLOW_Tools_v2.0.xlam" file downloaded from the TUFLOW website.
  7. Ensure the tick box next the TUFLOW_Tools_v2.0 is selected and hit OK.
  8. Excel Add Addin Step3.png
  9. The TUFLOW Tools Add-Ins should now be loaded every time Excel is started. A new menu item should be visible, as per the image below.
  10. Excel TUFLOW Tools v2.png

TUFLOW Add-ins

As per the image above, the following items will be added. These tools are described separately in the pages linked below.

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