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TUFLOW can link with a range of one-dimensional modelling software, including the Flood Modeller hydraulic modelling software which is produced by Jacobs. Flood Modeller is a software package which is primarily used in the UK for the modelling of river channels and their structures.

TUFLOW can be linked to Flood Modeller in a couple of ways. The first is to connect the Flood Modeller 1D representation of the open river channel to a TUFLOW 2D representation of the floodplain. This allows dynamic coupled 1D-2D modelling of the river and it's floodplain with bi-directional flow. TUFLOW 1D elements can be used on the 2D representation of the floodplain.

The second approach is to connect Flood Modeller to the TUFLOW 1D engine. This 1D-1D connection allows TUFLOW 1D representations of river channels or pipe networks to drain to the 1D Flood Modeller domain, or the Flood Modeller 1D domain to drain into a TUFLOW 1D representation of the downstream network. This allows a representation of integrated urban catchment modelling

Flood Modeller is compatible with TUFLOW Classic and TUFLOW HPC. Flood Modeller 4.5 is fully compatible with TUFLOW HPC utilising the GPU card. Flood Modeller 5 or later is required to use TUFLOW Quadtree, available in the 2020-01-AA release and later.

To assist the user get up to speed with Flood Modeller-TUFLOW modelling, a number of wiki pages have been developed to provide benchmarking, guidance and tutorials. These are identified in the following sections.

Flood Modeller-TUFLOW Resources

Linking Flood Modeller to TUFLOW

This page provides some information about how to link the Flood Modeller software to TUFLOW. Note that the method can vary depending on the version of Flood Modeller being used. Later versions of Flood Modeller allow the user to specify the folder which the TUFLOW engine files are kept within and to allow the user to vary this depending on the version required. For the approach recommended for the specific version being used, please refer to the Flood Modeller User Manual.


The Flood Modeller-TUFLOW benchmarking page provides some information about testing of a number of linked Flood Modeller 1D-TUFLOW 2D models which have been run on different TUFLOW Solvers (TUFLOW Classic and HPC), utilising different hardware (Single CPU, Multiple CPU and GPU Cards) and different machine specifications.

How to Link Flood Modeller to TUFLOW 2D

This page provides information about the linking of a 1D representation of an open channel within Flood Modeller to a 2D TUFLOW domain via linear coupling between the two software along the banks of the river. This linear coupling is conducted using HX links. Point coupling via SX lines is also described.

How to link Flood Modeller to TUFLOW 1D

Flood Modeller models can be connected to TUFLOW's 1D engine called Estry. This provides a powerful approach of modelling pipe networks in Estry, river channels in Flood Modeller (note that Estry can also model 1D river channels) and the floodplain and urban surface in TUFLOW, providing integrated urban catchment modelling functionality. This page provides more information on the linking approaches to link Flood Modeller to estry.


To gain a better understanding of the linking of Flood Modeller 1D domains to TUFLOW, a number of tutorials have been developed which are described here. The first tutorial module introduces the user to the linking of a TUFLOW 2D domain to a 1D Flood Modeller model. From this tutorial you will learn how to link an existing Flood Modeller 1D model to a TUFLOW 2D domain.
Tutorial 2 provides instructions on how to connect a TUFLOW 1D model to Flood Modeller using a X1DQ link.

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