M02 MI Error 2050 Archive

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    In this page we will use the messages layer generated by TUFLOW to locate the cause of an error.


    1. To locate the error import the M02_5m_001_messages.mif file from the TUFLOW\runs\log\ folder.
    2. Add this file to the map window.
    3. To zoom to the location, right click on the layer in the "Layer Control" and select "Zoom To Layer". The error should be shown as per the image below.
    4. Tute M02 MI Error 2050 01.png

    5. The message text indicates that the 1D bed has the elevation 32.75, whilst the 2D elevation is 42.75. Review of the DEM shows that the 2D elevations in the area are well above 40metres and indicates that the 1D elevation has been incorrectly provided as 32.75 as opposed to 42.75.


    We have located the source of the error message, please return to the module 2 page, where we will address the issue.