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Error Message

When building the model I get that error that the save date of a .tab file is later than that of the .mid or .mif file. For example:
ERROR - Save date of is later than that of 2d_zpt_m01_5m_003.mid


This occurs because the save date of the .mif or .mid input into TUFLOW is older than of the native MapInfo files (e.g. .tab). The .mif and .mid files are the plain text export version of MapInfo native files. TUFLOW performs a check that the export file is more recent than the native MapInfo format. This is useful as it prevents an older version of the file from being read (i.e. it prevents you from modifying a file in MapInfo and forgetting to export it).


To overcome this issue, please ensure that the file has been exported from MapInfo to the .mif format using the Table >> Export dialogue.

Additional Information

This ERROR can be converted to a WARNING (which still allows the model to start), or turned off entirely using the .tcf command:
Check MI Save Date == [ {ERROR} | WARNING | OFF ]
However, it is strongly recommended that this command not be used for the TUFLOW tutorial model as it can cause issues with using previous versions of the MapInfo files. For more information on this command please see the TUFLOW manual.
For more information on the MapInfo file formats please see the MapInfo File Formats page.