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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2012 - Material ID not found in the .tmf file.

Alternate Message

Message Type

2D cell has a Material ID not specified in the material properties (.tmf) file.

Ensure that each Material ID used is included in the material properties file. This file(.tmf) links the Material ID to roughness coefficient (either Manning's N, Manning's M or Chezy). roughness coefficient can be fixed or depth varying. Check that Material ID in GIS layer (2d_mat) is correct.

As an example from the TUFLOW tutorial: The 2d_mat_M01_002_R.shp layer is loaded in GIS to check the material ID of objects in this layer. In the below example, there is information shown for a polygon over some water and the material ID is 4. Then check the materials file (either a .tmf or .csv) to check that the material ID is in this file and that there is a manning's n value assigned to it. 
ERROR2012 Check Mats.png

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