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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2024 - Could not find a 1D node snapped to CN line.

Alternate Message

Message Type

Could not find a 1D node snapped to 2d_bc connection (CN) line.

Check snapping and location of 2d_bc "CN" type object. This should connect a 1D node to a 2D boundary condition, e.g. "HX" or "SX" type connection. The messages.mif or messages_P.shp file will contain the location of the error.
Check that the "CN" line finishes at a 1D node. In the example below, a single line has been digitised from the HX line to the HX line. Whilst it is snapped to the 1D node, it does not terminate there and therefore will cause Error 2024 to be generated.
Note that the direction the "CN" line is digitised is not important.
Error 2024.PNG

In the next image, this line has been split at the 1D node and the issue is resolved.
Error 2024 fix.PNG

Please note: If the model is a Flood Modeller-TUFLOW (FM-TUFLOW) model and you are trying to run as a TUFLOW only model, this is a common error message as TUFLOW cannot find the external 1D nodes. For more details on running a FM-TUFLOW model please visit the WIKI page below: Running linked Flood modeller - TUFLOW Models

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