TUFLOW Message 2061

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TUFLOW Message
Error 2061 - Could not find a CN connection snapped to the end of HX line.

Alternate Message

Message Type

Could not find a connection (CN object) snapped to the end of the 1D/2D interface (HX) line. Check that any connection object is snapped; add a connection to the end of the 1D/2D interface; or edit the 1D/2D interface line. 1D/2D interface lines based on the HX type must have as a minimum a connection at each of its ends, otherwise it is not clear how to transfer the water level gradient from the 1D domain.

The messages.mif or messages_P.shp file should contain the location that this error is occurring. Zoom into the HX line and check that the connection line is snapped to the end vertices of the line. This line can have CN connections snapped to intermediate vertices, but must have a CN line snapped to each end.

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