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ERROR 2066 - Weighting factors do not add up to 1.0 at connections to 1D Nodes ",a," and

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Weighting factors do not add up to 1.0 at connections to 1D nodes.

As detailed in Table 4.33 of the 2010 TUFLOW Manual the f flag of a CN line when used in conjunction (snapped) with a 2D HX object, sets the proportion or weighting to be applied in distributing the water level from the 1D node to the 2D cell. One or two 1D nodes can be connected to the same point on a 2D HX object. Checks are made that the sum of all CN f values connected to a 2D HX point or 2D HX line/polyline node equals one (1). If only one 1D node is connected, set f to one (1). As of Build 2004-07-AC, an f value of zero (less than 0.001) is set to one (1).

The example below shows a hypothetical situation where the HX line on each overbank start half way between two 1d_nwk nodes. Due to the f values of 0.8 applied to the CN lines, the water levels applied at A and B will have a heavier contribution from 1d_nwk node 1. Notably, the sum of f values from each CN line snapped to A and B equate to 1. To confirm the applied weighting factors you can check the 1d_to_2d check layer.
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