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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2172 - Reading .mid file, tdrdmifblf. Erroneous line below.

Alternate Message

Message Type

Reading .mid file, tdrdmifblf. Erroneous line below.

This error occurs when TUFLOW is reading the the .mid file. This should only occur when there is a discrepancy in the data in the .MIF and .MID files. An example is provided below for a 2d_zsh layer below:
The MIF file contains information about the projection, attributes and GIS location of the objects. In the text below, this contains information about the number, names and types of the attributes.

Columns 4
  Z Float
  dZ Float
  Shape_Width_or_dMax Float
  Shape_Options Char(20)

The corresponding .MID file contains only the attribute data for each object. The corresponding .MID file for the above, should contain four attributes (three numeric and one character type). This data is stored as comma seperated: For example for a line, with an elevation Z of 99, dz of 0, shape width of 5 and Shape_Options of "Max", the .MID file should look like the below:


If the.MID file has become corrupted, there may be a mismatch in the data types, eg a character in a numeric field:


Or to few fields, instead of four columns if only one is present the .MID file would appear as below:


Both of the last two examples are invalid and may cause an error 2172 to be generated. Re-export the file from MapInfo or if using other software for generating the files, check that the file is in the correct format.

Note: If you are using a 2d_bc layer to define bank elevations with the Read GIS Z HX line == command, this error can occur if the 2d_bc layer is only read into the .tgc file. To fix this, ensure that you read the 2d_bc layer into the .tbc file as well as the .tgc file.

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