TUFLOW Message 2206

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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2206 - ZC value not initialised (exceeds 99998m)

Alternate Message
ERROR 2206 - ZU value not initialised (exceeds 99998m)
ERROR 2206 - ZV value not initialised (exceeds 99998m)
ERROR 2206 - ZH value not initialised (exceeds 99998m)

Message Type

Zpt has not been assigned an elevation value or the value exceeds 99998m. All active model points should have an elevation assigned via one of; gridded elevation data (Read Grid Zpts), TIN (Read TIN Zpts), TUFLOW topography modification layer (e.g. 2d_zsh, 2d_z), or via a default command (Set Zpt == <value>).

To determine where the zpts with an assigned elevations occur, import the messages layer for the run ("<run_name>_messages.mif" for MapInfo users or "<run_name>_Messages_P.shp" for other GIS users). Each location that an elevation or 99,998 or higher is encountered a message will be generated. Check that these zpts have a valid elevation supplied and do not have any topography modifiers set a high elevation.

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