TUFLOW Message 2212

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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2212 - No 2D SX pit cells within SA PIT inflow polygon.

Alternate Message

Message Type

2D SA PIT option (.tbc command: Read GIS SA PITS == <2d_sa layer>) directs the inflow only to 2D cells that are connected to a 1D pit or node connected to the 2D domain using SX for the Conn_2D 1d_nwk attribute. The inflow is spread equally over the applicable 2D cells. Within this polygon no SX type cells connected to pits are found.

Check location of 2d_sa objects and pits, ensure pit objects have SX connection to the 2D model domain. Use Read GIS SA == <2d_sa layer> instead of Read GIS SA PITS == <2d_sa layer> for polygons with no pits.

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