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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2232 - Failed to complete triangulation. Check region perimeter does not cross or snap onto itself.

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TUFLOW was unable to triangulate polygon (region) object. The most likely reason for this to occur is that the region perimeter crosses or snaps onto itself. An example of a self-intersecting region is shown below with (the blue circles highlight the problem areas), click on image for a larger view.
Self Intersecting Polygon.png

Check region perimeter does not cross or snap onto itself. To help identify the problem, the follow steps can be used:

  • Import the sh_obj check file. This file is written sequentially and the last entry is the final object TUFLOW was able to process. The final triangle is shown in red below:

Error 2232 01.jpg

  • This highlights that the issue is in the polygon in the 2d_zsh layer highlighted in green:

Error 2232 02.jpg

  • If the coordinates of this polygon are examined, we find that it snaps back onto itself:

307119.21 183875.86
307117.92 183878.53
307123.06 183881.09
307126.86 183872.48
307126.07 183872.04
307119.55 183872.54
307119.21 183875.86
307117.92 183878.53
307119.21 183875.86

  • To remove this in QGIS the layer needs to be made editable and "cleaned" with the v.clean tool from Processing Toolbox.
  • To remove this in MapInfo the layer needs to be made editable and "cleaned" as per the images below.

Error 2232 03.jpg Error 2232 04.jpg
If the above doesn't help:

  • Try adjusting the TIN angles. Use TIN Angles == 95,1 command in the .tgc file before reading the TIN.
  • Add more vertices in location of the last triangle from sh_obj_check file.

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