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TUFLOW Message
WARNING 2237 - ZPT XF file precision conflict. Switching to GIS layer.

Alternate Message

Message Type

The binary dump of input layers (XF files), see Section 4.13.2 of 2010 TUFLOW manual, is written on single and double precision version depending on the executable used. These should be seperate files. The the single precision (4-byte real numbers) should have a .xf4 extension, while the double precision (8-byte real numbers) has .xf8 extension. For example:

  • 2d_zpt_M01_5m_003.mid.xf4 (single precision)
  • 2d_zpt_M01_5m_003.mid.xf8 (double precision)

Message 2237 has occurred because the precision of the XF file conflicts, with the model. TUFLOW reads in the correct precision when simulating, a double precision version of TUFLOW will look for .xf8 files and ignore .xf4 files. This message can occur if a XF file has been renamed.

TUFLOW has defaulted to the original GIS files and ignored the XF files. Delete XF file to have TUFLOW create new version.

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