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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2313 - Event Source Text ",a," used more than once.

Alternate Message

Message Type

The .tcf command BC Event Source == <bc_event_text> | <bc_event_name> is used to define BC Event Text wildcard and the BC Event Name, which is to replace it in input files. For example:
BC Event Source == ~ARI~ | 020y
Will set the event text of variable of ~ARI~, this wildcard can be used in input files, for example in the "source" column of the BC database (bc_dbase). This wildcard text will be replaced by the event name <bc_event_name>. In the example command above Inflows_~ARI~_Hydrology.csv would become Inflows_020y_Hydrology.csv

For more details, including examples, see Section 4.12 of 2010 TUFLOW manual. Each occurence of <bc_event_text> must be unique for simulation.

This message is occuring as each BC Event Source == <bc_event_text> | <bc_event_name> is not setting a unique <bc_event_text>. Two commands can not set set the same text wildcard (e.g. ~ARI~).

For each BC Event Source == <bc_event_text> | <bc_event_name> command ensure that the <bc_event_text> is unique.

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