TUFLOW Message 2317

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TUFLOW Message
WARNING 2317 - For direct rainfall models set "Cell Wet/Dry Depth == 0.0002" if CME exceeds 1%.

Alternate Message
Prior to the 2016 version of TUFLOW, the following messages also could occur:
ERROR 2317 - No points found for XML Surface before "<Faces>".
Due to a clash in numbering this has been renumbered as Message 2517, please see Message 2517 for assistance with the XML file error.

Message Type

The model being simulated contains one or more rainfall boundaries and the cell wet/dry depth is set to a value greater than 0.0002m. The default value as of Build 2006-03-AB, is 0.002m (2mm).

The depth specified should be selected in accordance with the expected magnitude of flooding depths. For direct rainfall models, due to the substantial amounts of shallow sheet flow, it is recommended to reduce the depth to 0.0002 (0.2mm) by using the TCF command Cell Wet/Dry Depth == 0.0002. Using a cell wet/dry depth greater than 0.0002m may result in the model experiencing high mass errors.

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