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TUFLOW Message
WARNING 2330 - XF file has incorrect location and/or dimensions. XF file not read.

Alternate Message

Message Type

As of the 2010-10 release TUFLOW automatically creates a binary dump of selected input files. This allows TUFLOW to vastly speed up the start-up process next time a simulation is carried out. If the original input data does not have a save date later than its corresponding XF file, the XF file is used in preference to the original data. For more details on XF files see Section 4.13.2 of the 2010 TUFLOW Manual.

This message is occuring as TUFLOW failed to read XF files. TUFLOW should fall back to reading the original data layer instead.

XF file may have been corrupted, deleting this file will cause TUFLOW to recreate it, next time the simulation is started. The creation of XF files can be globally turned off using the .tcf command XF Files == OFF, this can be turned off for individual files such as Read GIS Z Shape XF OFF.

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