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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2340 - Less than 8 attributes for 2d_bc file: <filename>

Alternate Message

Message Type

The file being read into the 2D model (.tbc file) using the Read GIS BC == does not appear to be a 2d_bc format file. This has less than the required 8 attributes for this layer.
The primary reason for this to occur is that a 1d boundary layer (1d_bc) file is being read into the .tbc file and not into the 1d domain (.ecf file). If the filename contains the text 1d_bc the additional output File appears to be a 1d_bc file and not a 2d_bc is also included in the output message.
Prior to the 2016 version of TUFLOW the accidental reading of a 1d_bc layer into the 2D boundary control file .tbc could cause an ERROR 2056 to occur.

Check that the 2d_bc file has the correct attributes and if a 1D boundary is being specified, please read this into the 1D control file (.ecf) or within a Start 1D Domain --> End 1D Domain block of commands in the .tcf.
Check that other type of layer, such as 2d_sa isn't read with the Read GIS BC == command.

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