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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2343 - Number of Gauge Output objects exceeds number of attribute data records. Total number of data records = <maximum number of records>

Alternate Message
ERROR 2343 - Number of Write Gauge Data objects exceeds number of attribute data records

Message Type

When gauge output objects are processed, this occurs twice, the 1st pass is to determine the number of gauge output objects for memory allocation and the 2nd pass when reading and processing the data. Error 2343 occurs if the number of objects read on the 2nd stage exceeds the number allocated after the 1st pass.
A bug was fixed in the 2016-03 release which caused this error if the Zpt option was used. E.g.
Read GIS ZPT Gauge Output == ..\model\mi\2d_go_buildings_001.MIF
If using a build prior to 2016-03, this would need to occur are two separate lines in the .tgc:
Read GIS ZPT == ..\model\mi\2d_go_buildings_001.MIF ! process elevations
Read GIS Gauge Output== ..\model\mi\2d_go_buildings_001.MIF ! process gauge outputs

This error message could also occur if the GIS data has been re-saved or exported as the TUFLOW simulation is in progress.

If using the Read GIS ZPT Gauge Output == option:

  • Use build 2016-03-AA or later version of TUFLOW; or
  • Separate the Zpt and Gauge Output commands as per the description above.

Avoid any changes to the GIS layers while TUFLOW is starting.

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