TUFLOW Message 2416

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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2416 - .12da file does not contain any TIN data.

Alternate Message

Message Type

The .12da file being accessed by a Read TIN command does not contain any TIN data.

Check that the .12da file has been exported from a 12D TIN layer.
In 12D, when you export the TIN as a .12da file, make sure to select the "[Ansi format]"
12da TIN export screenshot.JPG
This change will be highlighted at the bottom of the Write 12da pop up box. See figure below.
12da TIN export screenshot ANSI Format set.JPG
Name the 12da TIN file, write from 12D as normal and read into TUFLOW.
The cause appears to be due to the default output from v10 12D being written out in UTF-16 code. More can be read here.

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