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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2427 - Could not write XMDF wet/dry flags.
XMDF Error = -4304 Check disk space, file access or locked by another application.

Alternate Message

Message Type

TUFLOW has been unable to write results data to the .xmdf format results file. There are a number of reasons that this can occur. These are detailed in the suggestions below.

Check the following:

  1. There is sufficient space on the output drive.
  2. The file is not open in another program. Certain programs, such as SMS and the TUFLOW utilities open the file in "read only" mode and there don't lock the file. Others such as h5 viewers, may open with write permissions, which prevent TUFLOW from writing to the file.
  3. The file-system of the output drive. Certain USB drives are formatted in FAT32 format, this has a file size limit of approximately 4GB. If the .xmdf file gets larger than this, no additional data can be written to the file.
  4. If using a multiple domains, check each 2D domain has active cells.

Note: The use of .xmdf files were supported in the 2010-10-AB build of TUFLOW. Versions earlier than this do not support .xmdf files, please use .dat files instead.

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