TUFLOW Message 2429

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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2429 - Could not write XMDF scalar data. Check disk space.

Alternate Message
ERROR 2429 - Could not write XMDF wet/dry flags. Check disk space.

Message Type

TUFLOW was unable to write data to the output .xmdf file. The most likely cause for this is that there is insufficient disk space.

Check that the output drive has space available.
Check that the file system in use support the file size. For example, FAT32 file system has a maximum file size limit of 4GB, NTFS file system can exceed 4GB.
This error could also spuriously occur when writing .xmdf output for a TUFLOW AD (advection dispersion) simulation with the 2013 version of TUFLOW. This has been fixed for the 2016 version of TUFLOW.

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