TUFLOW Message 2492

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TUFLOW Message
CHECK 2492 - Duplicated SA boundary name "<>" - applied as separate boundary.

Alternate Message
WARNING 2492 - Duplicated SA boundary name "<>" - treated as single boundary and added selected cells to original boundary polygon.

Message Type

From the 2023-03-AA Build and onwards, models with duplicated SA boundaries (boundaries using the same name) will be treated separately; as if they were different boundary names with the same hydrograph. Prior to the 2023-03-AA Build, duplicated SA boundaries would be treated as a single boundary and the cells selected by each polygon grouped together.

Check that the duplicated boundary name in the 2d_sa layer and behaviour described above is intended. The old method can be invoked by reverting to the pre-2023 defaults and WARNING 2492 is produced instead of the check message.

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