TUFLOW Message 2515

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TUFLOW Message
ERROR 2515 - Could not find any Surfaces in XML file. Looking for "<Surfaces>"

Alternate Message
ERROR 2515 - Could not find any TIN surfaces in XML file. Looking for <Definition surfType="TIN">
Note Prior to the 2016 version of TUFLOW, this message was Message 2315 instead of 2515. This was renumbered due to a clash.

Message Type

A land xml file contained no TIN surface in LandXML format.

Check that the .xml file contains a valid TIN surface and that it is in a LandXML format. Try other options of exporting.
Some software will write the .xml file on a single line rather than with line breaks at the end of each tag. This can cause the file to not be recognised in TUFLOW and the following should also be reported in the error message:
Less than 5 lines in .xml file. Make sure file is in ""Pretty Print Format"" (has line breaks).
The file will need to be saved with line endings, the software used to create the file may have an option to convert the file. The format with line endings may be referred to as Pretty Print format. The free Microsoft editor XML Notepad can be used to save the file into the correct format.

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