TUFLOW Message 2550

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TUFLOW Message
WARNING 2550 - <number of > instability timestep corrections recorded at cell [<cell reference>].

Alternate Message

Message Type

The HPC solver has detected instabilities at a cell and a number of timestep corrections have been made in order for the solution to remain stable. There are a variety of reasons that a HPC model may require these corrections:

  • Poor topography data
  • Inappropriate starting timestep
  • Poorly configured external boundary
  • Poorly configured 1D/2D model interface
  • Starting model as dry and suddenly introducing large volumes of water.

Import the messages layer in to your GIS package, to see the location of the messages. If the last dot point is the cause, either:

  • Specify initial water level for the whole model with Set IWL command or locally with Read GIS IWL command. The wet cells can limit the adaptive timestep through the Shallow Wave Celerity Number, and prevent the HPC solver from using big timesteps.
  • Use Timestep Maximum command to cap the maximum timestep to not get too high.

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