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A modelling log is highly recommended and should be a requirement on all projects. It is a technical document that provides a history of all key modelling assumptions. The log may be in Excel, Word or other suitable software. Use of a modelling log has the following benefits:

  • it provides a record of model development;
  • it facilitates traceability of input sources and modeller actions; and
  • aids in the transfer of models between different users.

The format of the modelling log is up to the individual or company. However, it is common to use a spreadsheet be developed for use as a modelling log. Typical details to be entered into the log are:

  • names (or ID) of TUFLOW simulation control files;
  • date of simulation;
  • model user;
  • details of the event modelled (duration, recurrence interval, etc.); and
  • changes since last simulation.

A template modelling log is available for download: Modelling Log and Quality Assurance Reviewer Spreadsheet Download.

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