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SWMM.rpt Output

The SWMM simulation report can be opened using a text editor to review the 1D SWMM hydrology results.

  1. In Windows File Explorer, navigate to the TUFLOW\results folder and open TS01_5m_001_swmm.rpt in Notepad++.
  2. Type Ctrl+F to display the 'Find' options in Notepad++.
  3. Search for 'Subcatchment Time Series Results' to navigate to the subcatchment hydrology results in tabular format. The QGIS Result Viewing section below demonstrates how to view the same timeseries data in QGIS.

Since the above tasks were demonstrated in TUFLOW SWMM Tutorial 2, a video of these steps has not been created.

QGIS Result Viewing

  1. Open TUFLOW Viewer from the TUFLOW Plugin toolbar.

    Tuflow plugin tuflow viewer.png

  2. Open 1D and 2D results: Select File > Load Results. Navigate to the TUFLOW\runs folder and select TS01_5m_001.tcf.
  3. When asked 'Do you want to open result GIS layer?', select 'Yes'. Five new files will load to the QGIS Layers panel:
    • TS03_5m_001_swmm_ts_P: 1D SWMM Node and outlet water level results
    • TS03_5m_001_swmm_ts_L: 1D SWMM conduit flow results
    • TS03_5m_001_PLOT_P: 1D ESTRY and 2D plot output water level and velocity results (Note: There are no ESTRY results from this simulation)
    • TS03_5m_001_PLOT_L: 1D ESTRY and 2D plot output flow results (Note: There are no ESTRY results from this simulation)
    • TS03_5m_001: 2D TUFLOW results
  4. In the 'Open Results' list, select (left click) TS03_5m_001 to establish it as the active dataset. Click on a scalar dataset 'Depth' under 'Result Type' in the 'Map Outputs' list. Move the time slider to observe how the 2D results vary at different times during the simulation.

  5. Zoom in to the pipe network area.
  6. In the QGIS Layers panel, right click TS03_5m_001_swmm_ts_P, and select 'Show Labels'.
  7. Use the 'Select Features' tool to highlight 'Pit 19' and view the following results using the 'Time Series' plot.
    • Lateral Inflow: SWMM hydrology subcatchment inflow.
    • Flood Losses: Water passing through the pipe inlet (a positive value represents surcharge to the surface).

  8. Pipe flow and long-section results can be viewed following the steps outlined in TUFLOW SWMM Tutorial 2.

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