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TextPad is a commercially available text editor, it can be downloaded from www.textpad.com/. A trial version is also available.

Colour Coding

Halcrow has developed a syntax file for TUFLOW for use with the TextPad editor as part of the software provision to the Environment Agency and are pleased to provide this syntax file for general use.
The syntax file provides highlighting for keywords in TUFLOW control and log files, and instructions are also provided on how to configure TextPad to use the syntax file and also to run simulations of TUFLOW directly from the text editor.
This syntax file and instructions for usage are provided as-is and Halcrow encourage and would welcome any feedback on its use.
Please provide any feedback to isis@halcrow.com.

Setting up Colour Coding

Download the tuflow v3.syn file from the TUFLOW website. The download is called "TextPad Syntax File courtesy UK EA and Halcrow".
To install please follow the instruction in this .pdf file: File:TextPad TUFLOW instructions.pdf.

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