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    This page describes the process of creating a new "Shapes" layer in SAGA. We will define the projection of this table. It will be used to set the GIS coordinate system (projection) of the TUFLOW model.


    1. Using the drop menus navigate to Modules >> Shapes >> Construction >> Create New Shapes Layer.
      Create a new Shapes Layer
    2. Set the Name field to Projection. Leave the remaining options as the defaults.
      New Shapes Layer Dialogue

      A new shape layer called Projection should have been created, this should be visible in the Data tab of the workspace.

      Newly Created Projection Shape Layer

      The next step is to define the projection of this shapefile.

    3. In the menus select Modules >> Projection >> Set Coordinate Reference System.
    4. In the dialogue set the following:
      • Geographic Coordinate System to WGS84
      • Projected Coordinate Systems to WGS84 / UTM Zone 60S
      • Under Shapes add the Projection shape (this applies the setting to this shape layer).
      • Select Okay
      Set the Coordinate System
    5. Right click on the Projection layer in the Data tab of the workspace and select Save As.
    6. Save the file under the TUFLOW\Model\gis\ directory as Projection.shp.


    A new GIS layer has been created and this will be used to define the projection of the TUFLOW model. Please return to the tutorial module page here.