Tutorial M06 003 GIS Inputs QGIS GPKG

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QGIS is used to create, import and view input data.


Set up the GeoPackage Database:

  1. Navigate to the Module_06\TUFLOW\model\gis folder. Save a copy of M06_002.gpkg as M06_003.gpkg.

Within the QGIS Browser panel, navigate to the Module_06\Tutorial_Data folder. Drag and drop the following layer into the M06_003.gpkg database:

  • 2d_rf_M06_pt2grid_003_P

Investigate the supplied file:

  1. Open the file, either:
    • Within the QGIS Browser panel, navigate to M06_003.gpkg and double click the layer, or
    • In File Explorer, drag and drop the M06_003.gpkg into the QGIS workspace and select the layer.
  2. The 2d_rf layer represents locations of the gauges. Inspect the attributes, the names are matching the names in the bc_dbase.


  • The 2d_rf points layer for creating gridded rainfall was inspected.

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