Tutorial M07 Check Files QGIS

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QGIS is used to import the check files and review the quadtree nesting.


This tutorial introduces:

Review the check files:

  1. Open the following files from the Module_07\TUFLOW\check folder:
    • M07_5m_001_grd_check_R.shp
  2. Use the 'Apply TUFLOW Styles to Open Layers'.
  3. The grd_check is the 2D grid defined by the 2d_code and 2d_qnl layers, it contains a region object for each cell. It is useful to understand how the model is orientated, the cell size in relation to the hydraulic features and where certain calculations occur in the model. In this tutorial, the level 1 grid cell size is 10m, the level 2 grid cell size is 5m.


  • The grd_check file was imported to display the quadtree nesting.

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