Tutorial M08 002 GIS Inputs QGIS

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QGIS is used to create, import and view input data.


Navigate to the Module_08\Tutorial_Data folder. Copy and save all the below layers into the Module_08\TUFLOW\model\gis folder:

  • 2d_zsh_M02_landscape_002_L
  • 2d_zsh_M02_landscape_002_P
  • 2d_zsh_M02_landscape_002_R
  • 2d_mat_M02_landscape_002_R

Investigate the supplied files:

  1. Open the files, either:
    • Drag and drop all .shp files into the QGIS workspace, or
    • Select Layer > Add layer > Add Vector Layer and navigate to the Module_08\TUFLOW\model\gis folder.
  2. The 2d_zsh landscape files create a TIN elevation footprint of the development. The 2d_mat file contains polygons that represent the updated land use due to the topography changes. See Module 2 for more information.


  • Complex development site with TIN functionality was supplied and inspected.
  • The 2d_mat layer was reviewed defining the spatial extents for new land use categories.

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