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QGIS is used to load and view the 5m EXG and 5m DEV scenarios with the TUFLOW Viewer. For viewing of the 2D map results, see Module 1.


Inspect the results for all scenarios:

  1. Open the TUFLOW Viewer.
  2. Load the 5m results for both EXG and DEV scenarios using the TLF, this option loads both types of results, Map Outputs and Time Series. From File > Load Results, navigate to the Module_08\TUFLOW\runs\log folder and select the M08_5m_EXG_002.tlf and M08_5m_DEV_002.tlf files.
  3. Inspect the water level differences using the cross section tool plotting the bed elevation and water level:


  • The results of the 5m EXG and 5m DEV scenarios were inspected using the TUFLOW Viewer.
  • The results for the different cell sizes can be investigated respectively.
  • For further functionality, see TUFLOW Viewer.

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