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QGIS is used to view the bathymetry and water depth with the TUFLOW Viewer. For viewing of the 2D map results, see Module 1.


Inspect bathymetry and water depth outputs:

  1. Open the TUFLOW Viewer.
  2. Select File > Load Results. Navigate to the M10_5m_001.tcf in the Module_10\TUFLOW\runs folder and open it.
  3. Select the 'Bathymetry' output type in the Result Type panel. It shows elevations at cell corners (ZH points) over time based in the variable geometry (2d_vzsh).
  4. Use the Cross Section tool to plot the bathymetry and bed elevation (elevation at the beginning of the simulation) at the location of the dam break. The dam break begins at 1 hour and takes 15 minutes to fully develop:

  5. Use the Plot Time Series tool to see the time series of the bathymetry and water level at the location of the dam break, whilst viewing the depth result type. Due to the IWL, water is within the dam at the beginning of the simulation


  • A cross section of the dam wall was inspected showing the bathymetry changing over time.
  • Time series of bathymetry and water level were inspected at the location of the dam break.
  • For further functionality, see TUFLOW Viewer.

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