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QGIS is used to create, import and view input data.


Setup the GeoPackage Database:

  1. Navigate to the Module_10\TUFLOW\model\gis folder. Save a copy of M10_001.gpkg as M10_002.gpkg.

Increment the dambreak layer from Part 1 to change time trigger into water level trigger:

  1. Load in the 2d_vzsh_M10_dambreak_001_R layer from M10_002.gpkg, either:
    • Within the QGIS Browser Panel, navigate to M10_002.gpkg and double click the layer, or
    • In File Explorer, drag and drop the M10_002.gpkg into the QGIS Workspace and select the layer.
  2. Select the 2d_vzsh_M10_dambreak_001_R layer in the Layers panel.
  3. Click on the ‘Increment Selected Layer’ symbol from the TUFLOW Plugin toolbar.
  4. Within the 'Increment Selected Layer' tool window:
    • Ensure the 'Output Database' is M10_002.gpkg.
    • Ensure the 'Output Layer Name' is 2d_vzsh_M10_dambreak_002_R.
    • Select 'Remove Source Layer from Workspace'.
    • Select 'Increment layer only' and click 'OK'.
    The tool removes the source layer from the Layers panel and the 2d_vzsh_M10_dambreak_002_R appears.
    See Increment Layer Tool for more information.

  5. Right click on the 2d_vzsh_M10_dambreak_002_R layer to toggle on Editing.
  6. Click on the 'Identify Features' tool and click on the polygon.
  7. Update the following attributes:
    • Trigger_1: WL_Trigger
    • Trigger_Value: 60
    • Period: 0.5
  8. Click 'OK' and turn off editing to save the edits.

Create a point to set the location of the water level trigger:

  1. Click on the ‘Import Empty File’ symbol from the TUFLOW Plugin toolbar.
  2. Select '2d_vzsh' from the Empty Type list.
  3. In the Run ID box write 'M10_dambreak_002'.
  4. Tick the 'Points' Geometry Type
  5. In the Spatial Database Options, select 'All to one'. Navigate to the Module_10/TUFLOW/model/gis folder and select M10_002.gpkg. Click Save and hit 'OK'.
  6. The 2d_vzsh file appears in the Layers panel.
  7. Right click on the 2d_zsh_M10_dambreak_002_P and toggle on Editing.
  8. Select 'Add Point Feature'.
  9. Digitise a point within the dam upstream of the location of the dam break.
  10. An attributes dialog displays, enter the following attributes:
    • Shape_Option: TRIGGER
    • Trigger_1: WL_Trigger
  11. Click 'OK' and turn off editing to save the edits.


  • A 2d_vzsh region layer was modified to simulate a dambreak based on water level at specific point.
  • A 2d_vzsh point layer was created to set the location of the water level trigger.

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