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TUFLOW reads gridded data in the ESRII ASCII grid format, this format is very widely used and nearly all 3D surface software (12D, ArcGIS, QGIS, Discover, Vertical Mapper) offer this format for exporting grids.
The format is a plain text file and the TUFLOW utility "asc_to_asc" can be used to perfom a number of operations on these grids. For more information on this utility see the asc_to_asc wiki page.

Note TUFLOW will accept any file extension as there doesn't appear to be a standard with both .asc and .txt being widely used.


  • To export from Vertical Mapper into the ESRII ASCII grid format, from the Vertical Mapper Grid Manager select Tools >> Export.
  • In the dialogue set the input grid, the export type to ASCII grid export and the filepath.

VM Export to asc2.JPG