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This GIS check file layer is only written if a variable Z shape object is used in the model. This contains information on the elevation points that may change over time, the elevation change, final elevation as well as the trigger conditions.
Note that if using the variable Z shape the map output type "ZH" can be included in the Map Output Data Type == command to write the elevations over time. For example:
Map Output Data Type == h v d zh
Would output the water levels (h), velocities (v), depths (d) and elevations (zh).

Attributes of vzsh_zpt_check

Attribute Name Attribute Description
dZ The change in elevation that will be caused by the variable Z shape. A negative value indicates the elevation will decrease and a positive value indicates the elevation will increase.
Final_Z The final elevation after variable elevation has been triggered.
Type Whether the variable z shape is applying as a point or side.
Period The number of hours over which the elevation change will occur.
When A text description of when the change will start. For example "Water level at [138;76] exceeds 41.".
Reinstate A text description of when the elevation reinstate option used. "Not Set" if no reinstate occurs. For example:

Starting <value>hours afterwards over a period of <value> hours, once only.

Source The input GIS file which was used.

In the image below, the _vzsh_zpt check has been styled by the dZ attribute.
Check Files vzsh zpt dz 01.jpg